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The Khazar University Translation Studies Center (TSC) was established in April 27, 2000. The main objective of this Center is to translate the academic, fictional, philosophical and technical works published in various modern languages into Azerbaijani. Some examples of the spiritual treasures of Azerbaijan culture are being translated into various languages, as well. The Center is involved in research and teaching of translation as subject fields.

Translation studies create unique research opportunities, giving rise to collaboration between scholars who have traditionally worked in distinct fields of research.

Khazar University TSC has become an academic body – a place where scholars and students study, perform and enhance the complex act of transforming literary experiences created in one language into equivalent experiences in another language.

Attracting experienced professionals as well as young specialists to its activities, the Center holds theoretical and practical conferences and symposiums on various issues concerning translation and organizes discussion sessions on Lexicology, Literary Translation, Translation of Poetry, Theories and Techniques of Translation, etc.

By training students as translators, Khazar University TSC gives them an opportunity to use and improve their language skills professionally.

The TSC closely cooperates with other academic departments and research centers of the University. Other academic entities have been adding their expertise as the center expands from literary translation to include commercial and legal translation.

Khazar TSC, in affiliation with Khazar University Press, has completed several translation projects.  Some of them were partially funded by the government of the United States.

The list of translations includes:

  • Russia and Azerbaijan: A Borderland in Transition by Tadeusz Swietochoiwski.
  • M.L. Stein,  Susan F. Paterno. Jurnalistikaya giriş: müxbirin stolüstü kitabı =The Newswriter’s Handbook: An introduction to Journalism by M. L. Stein, Susan Paterno
  • Mass Media: an Introduction to Modern Communication by  Ray Eldon Hiebert, Donald F. Ungurait, Thomas W. Bohn
  • Amerika müsəlmanları = Being Muslim in America by Howard Cincotta, Deborah Conn, Serena Kim, Meghan Loftus

Translators from the center worked on the translation of “Racing Up Hill” by Hafiz Pashayev. 
A project started in 2005 resulted in the publishing of the first collection of "Poetry in Translation, First Collection = Sevgi poeziyası. Birinci kitab" by a team of authors and translators including Hamlet Isaxanli.