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Khazar University values its relationships with alumni, parents, corporations, industry partners, and potential sponsors. For the latest information about development campaigns, events in which you can participate, reunions, and opportunities to volunteer or give, please see the Development Center website at http://old.khazar.org/s349/Development-Office

Major supporters of Khazar University:    
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Revenue Watch Institute

The USA’s Revenue Watch Institute supports Khazar University via monetary grants. The purpose of this financial support is to cover the expenses for projects implemented by Khazar University’s Eurasia Extractive Industries Hub. Revenue Watch Institute is a non-profit organization with the goal of increasing correct and transparent management of natural resources like oil and gas. Revenue Watch Institute has been supporting the Eurasia Hub since the Hub began its activity in 2010. 

Quote about Khazar
"Khazar University was founded on the basis of foreign experience. American experience played an especially big role in this. I would especially highly evaluate the work of the founder, Professor Hamlet Isaxanli. The fruits of Mr. Isaxanli’s work are not just visible in his founding of a university; they are also connected to who he is as a talented person. This person can look at nature from the perspective of science; he can take a complex approach to life, entrepreneurship, and people because he has a literary and mathematical mentality. Because of his complex approach, he began to apply foreign experience in founding the university.

Its specialists brought in lectures from abroad for a long period of time and finally switched into the English language as the medium of education. It seems to me that Khazar University was the first to apply the experience of the countries on the forefront of the educational field. Then Mr. Isaxanli founded a beautiful grade school named “Dunya” (World).

I have participated in several events there with interest. They hold discussions on different problems, and the “Dunya” School students really are like little worlds going out into the world. The big world is one thing, and a little world is another thing! There is only one big world, but there are as many little worlds as there are people. This is Kamenski’s thought. It’s true at “Dunya” School that there are as many worlds as there are people. That’s because the students there are sophisticated; they’re sharp. They can put forth their own ideas and they are forward-thinking.

Khazar University is also a progressive place marked by modernity, objectivity, application of current technology, and development of students’ independence in their work. Independence in academics plays an important role. Students must learn by working on their own. There is so much information that teachers can’t cover it all; they give direction. Students must do the rest by themselves. Khazar University has this characteristic."

Ajdar Aghayev

Chairman of the Board of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic,

Doctor of Philosophy in Education,


(Translated from Azerbaijani; Printed in Khazar Review №  317 in 2013)