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Khazar University provides merit and need based scholarships, and/or loans for:

  • those who obtain high scores on the entrance examination
  • those whose parents are victims and/or refugees
  • those whose parents are employees of Khazar
  • those (two or more) from the same family
  • orphans
  • those whose ability to pay tuition fees is negatively affected by certain unpredictable circumstances (e.g. death of a parent)


“Named” scholarships are generated from gifts donated by various organizations/companies.

BP and SOCAR have scholarship programs for Khazar’s Petroleum Engineering students.

Loans allow the students to postpone payment of a part of their tuition fee for a specific period of time.

The University Students Loans Committee is responsible for loan procedures.

Graduate students at Khazar may apply for assistantships or fellowships in order to receive financial aid from the University.

Khazar University participates in the European Commission’s Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window program.

Therefore, Khazar students are eligible for financial aid provided by this program in the case of their stay as exchange students at European partner institutions.