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The Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy Center opened in 2009 and offers a variety of services to the university community ranging from individual and group counseling to campus-wide educational programs that contribute not only to the growth of individual students, but also to the benefit of academic programs in related disciplines, to campus life, and to the educational/cultural life of the region.

The college years are an exciting and challenging time of life.

While opportunities for growth are many, so too are the obstacles that may arise.

Center services are committed to promoting personal growth and helping students with personal difficulties that may interfere with their social development and academic progress.

Students often come to the Center with the kinds of concerns listed below:

  • adjusting to college life
  • issues of diversity and culture
  • relationship difficulties
  • depression and anxiety
  • concern about self-esteem
  • worries about a friend
  • death of a loved one
  • uncertainties about personal values/beliefs


In some circumstances, students may feel that their lives are so affected by difficulties like these that they consider withdrawing from university temporarily, or quitting altogether.

The services and resources that the Psychological Counseling Center provides can enable students to work through these difficulties and stay in college.

This center also has several other goals:

  • To provide psychological services for organizations and individuals 
  • To organize conferences and conduct research in various fields of psychology 
  • To contribute to education in psychology
  • To create training and experience opportunities for students majoring in psychology.