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Academic Council Members:


Members included into Academic Council due to their positions


  1. Hassan Niknafs – Rector, PhD in mechanical engineer
  2. Mahammad Nuriyev – Vice President for Academic Affairs, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor
  3. Isakhan Isakhanli – PhD in Pedagogy, Assistant to the President, Chief of Students’ Admission and Records’ Office
  4. Eldar Shahgaldiyev - PhD in Philosophy, Associate Vice President, Chairman of Division of Graduate Studies and Research- Academic Secretary
  5. Ingilab Ahmadov – Dean of School of Economics and Managment, Doctor of Economics, professor
  6. Jabir Khalilov – Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, S.J.D., associate professor
  7. Elza Samadova – Dean of the School of Education, PhD in Philology
  8. Ramin Alakbarov- MBA program director
  9. Razia Isayeva - Development Center Director
  10. Madatli Marufa - Director of “Dunya” School
  11.  Karim Karimov – Chief Accountant
  12. Lamiya Namazova – Head of Admission office
  13. Representative of Student Union



Members included into the Academic Council by President’s recommendation:


  1. Nailakhanim Isayeva – Advisor on Humanitarian and Administrative Affairs
  2. Alirza Balayev – Khazar View Journal, associate editor
  3. Alovsat Amirbeyli – Head of Department of Public Relations and Mass Media
  4. Lyudmila Sotova - Director of the Quality Assurance Center


Members included into the Academic Council by Faculties

  1. Rovshan Abbasov – PhD in Geography
  2. Jeyhun Mammadov -  Coordinator of the School of Economics and Management
  3. Elnura Azizova – PhD in Theology, Head of the Department of Eastern Languages and Religious Studies
  4. Roza Arazova – PhD in History, associate professor, Head of History Department
  5. Gulnar Abbasova– Associate Chair of English Language and Literature Department
  6. Irada Khalilova - PhD in Biology, Head of Biology Department
  7. Mukhtar Hajizade – PhD in Political Sciences, Head of Department of Political Sciences and International Studies
  8. Jabir Mammadov – Coordinator of Department of Journalism
  9. Mail Yagubov – PhD in Philosophy, Head of Department of Philosophy and Sociology
  10.  Zulfiyya Sadigova – Head of Department of Music and Fine Arts
  11. Gasham Zeynalov – PhD in Geology- Mineralogy, Chair of Department of Physics, associate professor
  12. Seymur Rzayev – PhD in Mathematics, head of Department of Mathematics
  13.  Nuru Safarov - PhD in Mathematics and Physics, Chair of Department of Electronics and Telecommunication
  14. Fuat Rasulov – PhD in Economics, Vice-dean of School of Economics and Management
  15.  Vurgun Ayyub -  PhD in Philology, Head of Department of Azerbaijani language and literature, associate professor