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The Journal of Azerbaijan Archaeology is a popular science journal published by the Department of History and Archaeology of Khazar University since 1999.

The journal was founded by Prof. Hamlet Isakhanli.

The chief editor of the journal is Prof. Qudrat Ismailzade.

The origin and progress of world archaeology, great archaeological discoveries, interesting excavations in Azerbaijan and around the world, and articles of Azerbaijani and world-recognized archaeologists are represented in the journal.

Articles in the journal are published in three languages: Azerbaijani, English, and Russian.

The journal keeps readers abreast of the latest explorations, discoveries, and technical innovations in the field.

Studies about ancient historical places, settlements, and cities, whether from excavations or documentary sources, will be of interest to historians, archaeologists, and other people interested in this sphere.

“Azerbaijani Archaeology” covers essentials, methodology, contemporary problems and achievements of archaeology as well as publishing

theoretical works, field studies and popular articles related to Azerbaijan and world archaeology.

The journal has several sections: research, interesting excavations, history of science, great archaeological discoveries and more.

The journal also intends to assist students’ learning process, and for this reason there are two main sections of the journal called “for students” and “subsidiaries."

It encourages debate and is essential reading for anyone interested in or studying archaeology.