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Khazar computing facilities are organized into the local area network, which is comprised of several sub-nets:

Academic, Administrative, and Library Information Center (LIC).

Seven computer labs in the Neftchilar, Downtown and Alatava campuses, affiliated with the Computer Science Department of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, perform as an academic sub-net.

All labs serve the instructional and research needs of students and faculty.

In addition, there are specialized computer labs used by various centers, programs and projects.

These are equipped with modern microcomputers, printers, scanners, LCD projectors and communication equipment.

Each computer has Internet access.

The computer labs’ schedules are planned so that throughout the day, registered academic sessions are followed by students’ independent work.

Each Khazar student may register for independent study at the computer labs.

Experienced consultants assist students with all computer-related questions or problems.

Free training sessions on using the university's hardware and software are offered throughout the year.

A computer lab affiliated with the School of Economics and Management, located on the downtown campus, provides training in such areas as Information Technology Essentials, CCNA, Computer Application in Business, and Information Technology and Business.

This lab also provides facilities and on-line Internet access for self instruction.

All administrative offices on campus are equipped with computers and are wired for the local area network, enabling faculty and students to

communicate electronically and to access university-provided applications, software and Internet resources.

The LIС sub-net allows all on-campus users to access the Khazar OPAC (On-line Public Access Catalog) via the Web-based interface.

A number of CD-ROM databases are also available campus-wide, though the main electronic collection can be accessed from the LIC workstations.