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At Khazar University students can select from a variety of majors in the fields of: Engineering and Applied Sciences, Economics and Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, Education.

Majors consist of courses focused on a particular academic field. Undergraduate students must earn at least a 70 G.P.A. in their Major Course Requirements. Most majors require course sequences starting in the freshman year.

Master’s and professional degree programs require at least a 75 G.P.A., and PhD degree programs require at least 80 G.P.A. in their Major Course Requirements. In all graduate programs at Khazar University, research is strongly emphasized.

Khazar University majors, areas of concentration, minors, and interdepartmental programs are designed to enable every student to study at least one field in depth.

The Catalog provides a list of academic departments, schools, research centers and institutes responsible for the Major Programs available at Khazar.