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General Information

The primary goal of the Department of Journalism is to prepare students to become intelligent, responsible and articulate journalists. The department is committed to the belief that the best journalism education combines a strong professional program with a thorough education in the liberal arts and sciences.

It believes that such an education helps students to hear, understand and tell the stories of people whose circumstances or backgrounds are unlike their own.

The department occupies a unique position within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. It is the department whose primary mission is to prepare students for a particular career.

The department values the research, teaching and service of its colleagues in other departments. It values these things for their own sake, and also for the educational depth that they provide to our students.

We remain committed to the idea that our majors need a strong liberal arts background to understand the world, and a strong journalism background to report on it. The department encourages its students to study other fields in depth, and to complete second majors in other departments in the school.

It also encourages students from other departments to complete a second major in journalism, enhancing their educational and career opportunities. The department also contributes to the college by offering instruction to a substantial number of non-majors who seek to improve their writing, interviewing and research skills, or to learn about the news media.



The Department of Journalism envisions a media and communication environment that is free and independent; critical, vigilant and pro-active; nationalistic; empowering and transformative; pluralistic and accessible to all; committed to the advocacy of gender fairness, ecological harmony, social justice and peace.

The Department commits itself to providing professional journalists characterized by:

  • opportunities for the development of higher cognitive skills
  • social responsiveness
  • a passion for art and culture
  • meaningful and vibrant spirituality
  • responsible use of technology and other resources;
  • respect of humane society and especially  children's and women's rights.

The Department commits itself to becoming the country’s leading institution in the formation and education of Azerbaijan media and communication practitioners by providing a media and communication program anchored on national and secular values, academic excellence, public service and social responsibility.



The Department of Journalism envisions students, graduates and media and communication practitioners, who are:

competent, skilled and creative;

  • critical yet responsible;
  • empowered and empowering;
  • passionate agents of social transformation;
  • committed advocates of gender fairness, ecological harmony, social justice and peace.

General Objectives 

The Journalism program aims to facilitate student learning in the theoretical and practical aspects of the following areas of media and communication: writing, production and research.


Specific Objectives 

Specifically, the Journalism program aims to develop the following competencies among its students:

1.  Proficiency and imaginativeness through writing courses,

2.  Technical skills and creativity through production work,

3.  Discipline, investigative skills, and critical discernment through research projects;

4. A deep sense of social responsibility, gender and child sensitivity, love of environment and nature in their professional and personal lives.