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The mission of the English Language and Literature Department is to instill in our students a deep appreciation for language and its application to the needs of society.  We seek to provide the foundational skills, attitudes and knowledge necessary for students to make meaningful contributions in the fields of English Language Teaching, Linguistics, Translation and Literary Studies.

As part of its mission the English Language and Literature Department administers the Khazar University English Language Requirements program which prepares students to perform with excellence in the English language academic environment of the university. 

The English Language and Literature Department provides a unique environment for students to flourish in language and communication skills as a centre for specialized instruction for non-native speakers of English.

The English Language and Literature Department’s graduate programs provide advanced study in the disciplines of Translation, General and Applied Linguistics, and Literary Studies.  The goal of these programs is to promote academic research in these disciplines and academic growth in students.



Eynur Mehdiyev

Vice-Chair of Department

Eynur Mehdiyev did his BA in Linguistics at Azerbaijan State University of Languages, Baku, Azerbaijan and MA in English Language Teaching at Coventry University, Coventry, UK. He has over a ten year experience in teaching English to students and adults. He is currently working for Khazar University as a Major Programmes Coordinator and a vice-chair of English Language and Literature Department.  

Office: Neftchilar Campus 308 (old)

Phone: +99412 4217916 int (230)

Email: emehdiyev@khazar.org







Milana Abbasova

Minor Programs Coordinator 

 Milana Abbasova studied both BA and MA at Azerbaijan University of Languages. She is now a PhD candidate in Sociolinguistics at Khazar University. She has been working at Khazar University for ten years. She teaches Grammar, History of the English language and several other subjects.

Office: Neftchilar Campus 308 (Old)

Phone: +99412  4217916 int (230)