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Educational and Research Institutions
Khazar University has long tradition of international cooperation.
Since its establishment, international affiliations have become one the major goals of the university.
Khazar is actively engaged in collaborative projects and partnerships all over the world.
Its current objective is to focus on the content and quality of international cooperation in order to make internationalization a balanced element of education and research.
International cooperation is a prerequisite for ensuring the sustainability and quality of teaching and research at a university.
Cultivating a network of international relations allows Khazar University to boost the mobility of its academic staff and students.

The internationalization processes take place in the following areas:

  • Bilateral cooperation agreements (with 46 universities in 22 countries all over the world);

  • Membership in three consortiums of universities: International Information Security Research Consortium; Caucasus International Consortium for Academic Cooperation (CICAC); and Alliance of Universities for Democracy;

  • Participation in international educational and research programs and projects;

  • Exchanges of students and academic staff;

  • International cooperation on the faculty, institute, department and individual levels.

By participating in three different consortiums of universities, Khazar University strives to intensify different types of exchanges and to widen possibilities for internationalization of studies and research.
Active participation within bilateral partnership agreements and European programs has promoted wide cooperation activities within the ERASMUS programme.
The number of agreements with partner universities has grown anticipating more intensive exchanges of students and teachers.
Khazar University has become an attractive place to study both for full-time and exchange international students.
Many visiting professors are involved in the study process and the faculties are active in inviting more and more visiting fellows to the university.
Khazar University has partnerships with various organizations which support the university in its attempt to reach the main goal of its  mission.
Embassies of such countries as the USA, South Korea, Turkey, and Japan have supported Khzar University with provision of equipment,academic visits of foreign professors and researchers, organization of student exchange programs and searching for partners in their countries.
Together with embassies there are organizations which help Khazar with various equipment needs.
These organizations include ISEE Caucasus, which located its library at Khazar University; Middle East University, Ankara, Turkey, which provides support for the library of Khazar University as well; “Sonmes Kilichli Punto” which provided equipment for the auditorium in the Political Science Department; and Azercell, which equipped the ‘E-learning room’ at Khazar University.