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11 June 2016

Research Meeting with Master Students

Researchers of Khazar University Computational Research Center (KCRC) met with Prof. Arif Memmedzadeh, the leading petroleum expert in Azerbaijan, at Khazar University on Saturday (11th June 2016).


Master students of KCRC Usama Ahmed Khand ("Developing techniques for detecting the hydrate formation conditions in oil and gas field operations”) and Yannick Agbhor ("Micro structural analysis and characterization of methane hydrate reservoirs, its implications to current possible production methods") presented their work during the meeting. Dr. Hasan Niknafs, President of the University; Dr. Eldar Shahgaldiyev, Head of the Division for Graduate Studies and Research; Dr. Jestin Mandumpal, Lead Researcher of Computational Materials of Design and Optimization of Materials (CLDOM at KCRC); and Ms. Leyla Salayeva of the Division for Graduate Studies and Research also participated in the meeting.


Prof. Arif Memmedzadeh interacted with the students during their presentations and inquired about the possibility of application of their works in the booming oil and gas industry in Azerbaijan and other parts of the world. Describing the research work at KCRC as promising, Prof. Memmedzadeh and other participants also expressed a genuine interest in fruitful collaboration between the researchers in Higher Oil School of Azerbaijan and Khazar university scholars.  The researchers were recommended to continue their work as PhD students starting from the beginning of the 2016-2017 educational year.