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27 May 2016

Presentation of sourcegrab.com Programming Site at Khazar

On May 27, 2016, a presentation of the sourcegrab.com programming site was held at Khazar University. The presentation covered the site’s structure and project idea.

The objective of the site is to encourage computer engineers to share what they know in their native languages, since most available resources about IT are only in English. The site(http://www.sourcegrab.com) aims to develop IT knowledge and pave the way for more practitioners to become professionals. It includes a depot of resources explaining coding and troubleshooting coding problems, a “seminar” section for training in computer engineering, and “textbooks” on programming languages such as html, xml, css, javascript, jquery,php, mysql, java, c#, c/++, d, oracle, python, andasp.

The presentation also included information about the project behind the creation of the site, which involved a team of 15 people as well as over 30 project members.