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27 April 2016

Presentation of Book of Archival Materials

On April 26, a presentation was held at Khazar University for well-known poet, editorialist, and historian Teyyub Gurban’s book “На имя Багирова, за подписью Багирова” (In the name of Baghirov, With the Signature of Baghirov). Scholars and experts from various Azerbaijani higher education institutions participated in the event along with staff members of Khazar University.

The host of the event was Associate Professor Firdovsiyya Ahmadova, Doctor of Historical Sciences and Department Chair of the State Administration Academy of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, who noted that Teyyub Gurban has researched archival docuents on the activities of Mir Jafar Baghirov for 20 years and has published a multi-volume work entitled “Stronger than His Enemies” which was published in multiple editions. She also noted that the book being presented is a new work.

Honored Journalist Alirza Balayev, who edited the book and authored its preface, made a speech stating that the book being presented contains archival documents used by Teyyub Gurban in his research which are given in the book without explanation to allow readers to form their own objective opinions.

Other participants who made speeches in the presentation ceremony to share their opinions about Teyyub Gurban’s work included Faig Habibov, who initiated the book’s preparation and printing; Mammadtaghi Baghirov, member of Mir Jafar Baghirov’s family; Lala Huseynova, Doctor of Historical Studies and Division Director of the Political Documents Archive of the Presidential Administration; Dr. Farda Asadov, Director of Khazar University’s Center for Eurasia and Middle East Studies as well as Chair of the Department of History and Economics of Arabic Countries in the Ziya Bunyadov Eastern Studies Institute of ANAS; Azizagha Alakbarov, Doctor of Historical Studies and Senior Researcher for the A.A.Bakikhanov History Institute of ANAS; Rahim Huseynov, former Prime Minister of Azerbaijan; and others.

At the end of the event, F. Ahmadova thanked the Khazar University administration and participants.