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30 March 2016

International Students Participate in Novruz Festivals

International students of Khazar University participated in festivals dedicated to the celebration of Novruz holiday during the week-long Novruz break in Azerbaijan. Festivals were held in various locations both in and outside of the capital city of Baku.

Yannick Agbor Tambe, a 2nd year graduate student (MS candidate in Petroleum Engineering) of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences from Cameroon, participated in Novruz festivals in Qala Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum Complex and Icherisheher. He shares his impressions: "I enjoyed the diversity I saw during the Novruz celebration. It was my first time at Qala Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum, and I got an opportunity not only to visit the museums but also to take part in the Novruz bayram celebration and experience the rich culture of Azerbaijan." While participating in Novruz celebrations, Yannick gave interviews to the news programs of two of the local TV channels and was able to share his impressions with a wider audience.

Tendai Samantha Shereni, a student from Zimbabwe studying International Relations at the School of Huminaties and Social Sciences, attended the Novruz Festival held at the Icherisheher State Historical-Architectural Reserve. Tendai says: “This was my very first encounter with the Novruz Holiday and I’m glad I attended the festival in the old city. I liked the music and dances, especially those performed by young children in national dresses. I also tasted local food (khingal) and traditional Novruz holiday sweets (pakhlava) and liked them very much.”

“I was lucky enough to attend the festival and experience it myself,” says Mohanad Abuhashish, a graduate student from Palestine pursuing his master’s degree at the School of Economics and Management (MBA candidate). “Thousands gathered in the old city (Icherisheher), stalls with traditional clothes, carpets, rugs, food, sweets, and handmade souvenirs were installed, and a circus was performed. Many people, locals and internationals, were visiting museums enjoying the history and heritage of Azerbaijan. One could see the manifestations of celebration everywhere. I realized how special this time of the year was for people in Azerbaijan and wish I could witness this again next year.”

Participation of international students in Novruz Festivals was organized and coordinated by the International Affairs Office team.