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21 January 2016

Academic Council Meeting

On January 21, a routine meeting of the Academic Council was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Hasan Niknafs, President of the University. Items on the agenda included: the report of Professor Hamlet Isaxanli, the founder of Khazar University and Chairman of its Board of Directors and Trustees, about creation of a Research Support Center; a report by President Niknafs regarding preparation for the Spring 2016 semester; reports by Dr. Eldar Shahgaldiyev, Head of the Division for Graduate Students and Research, on results of PhD admission exams, dissertation topics and selection of academic advisers, organization of a Methodic Council for evaluation of textbooks and related recommendations, and awarding the title of Professor to Dr. Khatira Bashirli, instructor of the Department of Azerbaijani Language and Literature; and a report by Associate Professor Roza Arazova, Head of the Department of History and Archeology, about awarding the title of Docent to Dr. Nurida Ateshi, instructor of the Department of History and Archeology.  The reports were heard and related decisions were made.

The meeting concluded with a discussion about other current issues.