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17 June 2016

Academic Department Rankings by Research Performance

On June 17, 2016, a meeting on the results of the academic departments ranking by their research performance was held at Khazar University. The school deans, department chairs, faculty and staff members participated in the meeting. Professor Hamlet Isaxanli, Khazar University’s Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees, opened the meeting emphasizing the significance of publication of research articles on the prestigious international journals.

Then his speech was followed by the presentation by Lyudmila Sotova, Head of the Quality Assurance Center, who gave information on the results of the ranking and issues that require immediate attention.

The 18 academic departments were evaluated using 8 performance indicators. According to the evaluation, the department of Mathematics earned the highest score.

Below are the Khazar University academic department ranking results:

# Name of the department

1 Mathematics

2 Biological Sciences

3 Geography and Environment

4 Languages and Cultures

5 Chemistry

6 Psychology

7 Petroleum Engineering

7 Journalism

7 Political Sciences and International Relations

8 Education

9 Economics and Management

10 English Language and Literature

11 Azerbaijani Language and Literature

12 Law

13 Computer Sciences

14 History and Archeology

14 Civil Engineering

14 Electronics and Telecommunication