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17 December 2015

Department of Petroleum Engineering Holds Presentation of Project Proposal

On December 17, 2015, a meeting was held at the BP office to present a scientific research project proposal with the participation of the “eiLink Oil and Gas Research and Development Center” created at Khazar University as a result of a partnership between the Khazar University Department of Petroleum Engineering and the Azerbaijan branch of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. The main objective of this research center is to implement innovative scientific research projects to aid in the development of solutions to problems related to increase of oil production and effective use of oilfields in cooperation with production specialists of research groups able to solve practical research issues in working with petroleum and gas deposits.

The work plan was presented to BP oilfield specialists by Shahriyar Alkhasli, PhD student, under the leadership of Associate Professor Gasham Zeynalov, Head of the Department of Petroleum Engineering at Khazar. The plan was discussed in detail with G.Zeynalov, and participants accepted the plan, noting its relevance.

Dr. Hasan Niknafs, President of the University, and Professor Mahammad Nuriyev, Vice President of Khazar University for Academic Affairs, also participated in the meeting. At the end of the meeting, Dr. Niknafs spoke to the participants about Khazar University.