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16 October 2015

Khazar University Students and Staff Visit Baku International Sea Trade Port

On October 16, Khazar University students and staff took a study tour organized by the Department of Political Science and International Relations. The group visited the Baku International Sea Trade Port which is located in Alyat, 65 km south of Baku. Mr. Tural Aliyev, advisor to Director General of the port, met the group and made a presentation about the port which occupies 400 hectares of land. He familiarized the group with the design of the harbour, explaining the advantages of the location of the port and why Alyat was selected. He informed the group about the three phases of the construction plans and updated them on its current status.

Questions were raised about various issues including the environmental consequences of the port, its present-day capacity to deliver and capability to cooperate with other ports in the wider region. The potential of the port in improving the transportation infrastructure in the wider region and increasing the international trade was also discussed.

Despite the challenge of wet weather, Khazar University students and staff also had a chance to look at the construction area and enjoyed the opportunity to observe the loading and unloading process of vessels, namely the train vehicles rolling into ships at the marine terminal.