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02 October 2015

Azerbaijan Archeology Journal Staff Meets with Founder

On October 2, a meeting of the Editorial Staff of the Azerbaijan Archeology Journal was held. Participants in the meeting included Professor Hamlet Isaxanli, the founder of Khazar University and Chairman of its Board of Directors and Trustees; Gudret Ismayilzade, Editor-in-Chief of the journal; Deputy Editors Roza Arazova, Tarikh Dostiyev and Behlul Ibrahimli; Orkhan Zamanov, instructor of the Department of History and Archeology; Laman Babashli, assistant to the Department; Martha Lawry, English Editor; Khayala Mammadova, Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief of Khazar Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences; and Alik Elioghlu, Director of the Electronic Media Center.

Hamlet Isaxanli opened the meeting. First, he spoke about the history and activities of Azerbaijan Archeology Journal along with other journals published by the university. He noted the two main items on the agenda: getting the Azerbaijan Archeology Journal indexed by international organizations and improving the journal’s website, archeology.khazar.org. He noted that it was important to increase the quality control parameters on the journal in order to take it to an international level. Then Gudret Ismayilzade made a speech suggesting that the journal publish information about our architectural monuments and historical sites in order to promote our cultural heritage. Tarikh Dostiyev and Behlul Ibrahimli shared about the article selection and editing process.

Then Roza Arazova spoke about the necessity to apply the changes to the journal and to its website. She gave the floor to Orkhan Zamanov to share his thoughts on the same topic. He spoke about his ideas on developing the structure of the website, recruiting staff, and creating interesting subject categories for articles. Alik Elioghlu showed the participants the journal’s website and explained its structure.

Then the meeting ended with a discussion about other current issues.