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01 August 2015

Khazar Student Participates in Academic Symposium in Greece

From July 23-31, 2015, the 18th SymBioSe-2015 academic symposium was held for European biology majors in the city of Alexandroupoli, Greece. Miragha Baghirov, third-year student of Khazar University’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences, participated in the symposium upon the suggestion of the Department of Biology.

At the symposium, M. Baghirov made a presentation on “Sustainable Development in Biology” based on research that he had done under the leadership of Dr. Irada Khalilova, Chair of the Department of Biology. The abstract of his presentation was included in the printed symposium materials.

The SymBioSe-2015 symposium included the participation of students and scholars from the majority of the countries in Europe.

One part of the symposium included country and university presentations. M. Baghirov made a presentation for young biology students in Europe about Khazar’s international student programs, projects for foreign students at Khazar, and exchange programs. Finally, he gave Khazar University gifts to participants of the Symposium.