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22 May 2015

Head of Petroleum Engineering Department at Schlumberger Training

On May 18-22, 2015, Associate Professor Gasham Zeynalov, Head of the Department of Petroleum Engineering, participated in the “Basics of the Petrel Program and Petrel Geology” course organized by the Schlumberger and NEXT companies in Astana, Kazakhstan. The training was held as part of a contract between Khazar University and Schlumberger on April 9, 2015, on “Consulting Services on Computer Programs.”

The first part of the course covered data input into the Petrel program for implementation of projects involving oil and gas field geology and geophysics; their visualization in graphic format; and formation of geometric models by creating grids and surfaces. The participants learned how to input geological and geophysical data into 2D and 3D visualizations; how to work with seismic data and create visualizations of it in 2D and 3D; and how to create of stratigraphic surfaces and geometric models.

The second part of the course covered using the Petrel program to edit, interpret and correlate logging data for discovery and production of oil and gas wells; creation of various forms of geological and geophysical maps; and calculation of the volume of petroleum resources. During both parts of the course, participants solved many practice problems and wrote projects. At the end of the course, Gasham Zeynalov was given a certificate for successful completion.

The training was led by Yelizaveta Maksimenko, Schlumberger specialist in geology/geophysics. The goal of the training was to implement Petrel computer programs (which were presented to Khazar University’s Petroleum Engineering Department by Schlumberger) in the General Geology and Petroleum Geology classes in Khazar’s bachelor program in Petroleum Engineering; in the Petroleum Geoscience course in its master’s program; and in scientific research.