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01 April 2015

Publications Given to Khazar University

On April 1st, because of Khazar University’s partnership in the project “Capacity Building of Caucasus Academic PA Programmes on the basis of EU Administrative Principles” funded by International Visegrad Fund, the Khazar University Library and Information Center received the following Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPACee) publications for use within the project and for educational purposes:


1.      Corruption and Anti-corruption Measures in Central and Eastern Europe

2.      The Story behind Western Advice to central Europe during its Transition Period

3.      Politico-Administrative Relations at the Centre – Actors, Structures and Processes supporting the Core Executive

4.      Public Administration and Public Policy Degree Programs in Europe: The Road from Bologna

5.      Strategic Policy Making in Central and Eastern Europe

6.      Implementation the Missing Link in Public Administration Reform in Central and Eastern Europe

7.      Public Policy in Central and Eastern Europe: Theories, Methods, Practices

8.      Building better Quality Administration for the Public; Case Studies from Central and Eastern Europe

9.      Politico-Administrative Relations – Who Rules?

10.  Public Finance – Theory and Practice in the Central European Transition

11.  Public Sector Dynamics in Central and Eastern Europe

12.  Public Administrations in Times of Crisis

13.  Leadership and Management in the Public Sector: Values, Standards and Competencies in Central and Eastern Europe

14.  Democratic Governance in CEE Countries: Challenges and Responses for the XXI Century

15.  Institutional Requirements and Problem Solving in the Public Administrations of the Enlarged European Union and Its Neighbors

16.  Building Higher Programmes in Public Administration in CEE Countries

17.  Public Management Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe

18.  Politico-administrative Dilemma: Traditional Problems and New Solutions

19.  The Past, Present and the Future of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe