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03 March 2015

Khazar’s Guests from “Khazar” (Caspian) Journal

On March 3rd, Jala Abbasova, student of the Khazar University School of Education majoring in philology, made a presentation on the activities of Saday Budagli in the “Azerbaijani Publications of the 20th Century” class. Saday Budagli, Deputy Editor of the “Khazar” (Caspian) translation journal, and Zahid Saritorpaq, editor of the journal, participated in the presentation.

Dilbar Zeynalova, the instructor of the course, shared information on the writer’s activities. Then the writer shared secrets of the trade, the history of his works, and information about his methods. He also answered students’ questions. Vurghun Eyyub, head of the Department of Azerbaijan Language and Literature, and Dr. Ilaha Gurbanova, instructor of the department, also spoke at the presentation and shared their views on the writer’s works. At the end of the class, Zahid Saritorpaq recited a poem upon the request of the students.