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24 February 2015

Guest Lecture Seminars for “Management Training Course for Potential School Directors”

The Management Training Course for Potential School Directors (jointly organized by UNICEF and Khazar University) is still underway at Khazar University’s Neftchilar Campus.

On February 24th, the most recent lecture in the series of guest lectures for the course was held in the university’s Marble Hall. The guest speaker was Yulia Kerimova, Director of School number 23 (a well-known school in Baku). Y. Kerimova, who was one of the first school directors to be appointed in the past year, spoke about problems she faced from her first day in the school. She also answered participants’ questions about the solutions she found. The seminar was held in a question-and-answer format. The young director, who is familiar with cutting-edge methods in the field of education, spoke about innovations she has been able to apply and stated that her initiative has been supported by both her school colleagues and by upper levels of management.