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16 December 2014

TransTech Capital Representatives at Khazar

On December 16th, the following representatives of TransTech Capital (TTC) of the UK visited Khazar University: Simon Robeson, General Partner; David Livesley, General Partner; Richard Henderson, Managing Partner; and Mahmut Sinoplu, Venture Partner. Azer Bayramov, Deputy Executive Director of the State Fund for Development of Information Technologies under the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, also attended the meeting. TTC deals with financial support of university research and commercialization of research outcomes in the UK and Turkey, and is currently interested in developing similar opportunities in universities of Azerbaijan.

The guests met with Prof. Hamlet Isaxanli, Founder of Khazar University and Chairman of its Board of Directors and Trustees; Dr. Hasan Niknafs, Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Taher Chegini, Director of the Civil Engineering Laboratory; Associate Professor Gasham Zeynalov, Chair of the Petroleum Engineering Department; Rashad Khaligov, Information Systems Developer and Manager; Ulker Isayeva, Human Resources Director; Irada Khalilova, Chair of the Biology Department; and Jestin Mandumpal, instructor of the Chemistry Department. At the meeting, H.Isaxanli made a speech about Khazar University’s activities and future prospects. Then Khazar researchers I.Khalilova, U.Isayeva, H.Niknafs, J.Mandumpal, and R.Khaligov made presentations about their own research projects and outcomes. The meeting closed with a discussion about possible partnership opportunities between TTC and Khazar University.