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16 November 2014

Students Visit Christian Places of Worship

On November 16, as organized by the Department of Eastern Languages and Religious Studies, a trip was organized to Christian places of worship as part of religious tolerance event entitled "Harmony of Diversity." Under the leadership of Dr. Elnura Azizova, Head of the Department, university students participated in the eucharist (bread and wine) ceremony at Myrrh Bearers Orthodox Church. Then Father Constantine, press secretary of Baku and Caspian Eparchy, gave information to the students about the place of orthodoxy among other branches of Christianity as well as the history and activity of Myrrh Bearers Church. Then students took part in a religious Sunday ceremony at the Holy Virgin Mary Catholic Church and listened to the pastor’s discussion of the history of Catholicism, relations between the Catholic and other Christian denominations, and activities of the Catholic Church.

Photos were taken at the end of the event, which helped instill in students the concept of tolerance toward different faiths.