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16 July 2014

Khazar University's International Summer School on Global Leadership

From July 11 to 16, 2014, the first International Summer School on “Global Leadership” was held by the Khazar University Career Center. Students from many different majors participated in the Global Leadership School, because this field is pertinent to students from all areas. Local and international students from Khazar University, Qafqaz University, and Istanbul Aydin University partcipated in the school.

The program began with an opening speech by the Program Coordinator. In addition to academic lectures, the program included morning excursions. The main goal of the program was to give the participants information about leadership as well as to introduce them to the history and culture of Azerbaijan. Lectures were given by experienced professors and speakers including Dr. Alison Mandaville, Nikki Kazimova, Ingilab Ahmadov, Ulker Isayeva, Raziya Isayeva, and Mahammad Nuriyev. The lecture topics included rhetoric in leadership, the overlap of various cultures, individual and social approaches, individual responsibility, and communication. The lectures were interactive. Students actively participated in the discussions and expressed their own opinions.

Khazar University’s library also coordinated a mini-tour. The library was very interesting to the program participants. Other excursions included trips to the Old City (Shirvanshah Palace, the Numismatics Museum, and the Miniature Book Museum), Maiden’s Tower, Martyrs’ Alley and the Daghustu (Mountaintop) Park. Participants also visited various other parks and took a boat tour.

In general, the participants of the Global Leadership Summer School reported that they were pleased with the school and would be interested in participating in similar programs in the future.