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20 May 2014

Scholarly Seminar on "Origin of the Khazars and Their Arrival in the Caucasus" was Held

On May 20, a scholarly seminar was held on  “Origin of the Khazars and their arrival in the Caucasus" at the Department of History and Archaeology of Khazar University.

Well-known historians Mubariz Khalilov, Alekber Alekberov, Irada Najafova, Sevda Suleymanova, Nargiz Akhundova, head of the department Roza Arazova, instructor of the university and archaeologist Orhan Zamanov, and others participated in the seminar.

The lecturer, Farda Asadov, historian/orientalist and Vice President of Khazar University, gave detailed information about existing theories and conflicting relationships about the origin of the Khazars and their arrival in the Caucasus. It was noted that existing theories describing the origin of the Khazars differ, attributing them to the ancient Hun tribes, Uighurs, or Eftalits.

He explained that the problem arises because the Khazars’ linguistic identity, the origins of their dynasty, religious affiliation and political environment were multinational. Through an extensive discussion, the audience was informed about the importance of the ethnic composition of Azerbaijan, archaeological finds and ethnographic research conducted in here in order to reveal the secrets about the history of the Khazars.