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25 February 2014

Series of Events Dedicated to the 130th Anniversary of M.A. Rasulzade Held at “Dunya" School

A series of events dedicated to the 130th anniversary of M.A. Rasulazade was held at "Dunya" School in February. At the first event, held on the 19th of the month, 5a class students and their teacher, Seadet Memmedova, gave a detailed presentation about the great man with an interesting slideshow.

On February 25, the socio-political activities and works of M. A. Rasulzade were discussed at the "Book Club" which was organized by the school library. With the help of their history teachers, Ulvi Farajzade and Nihad Nadirov, students of the 8b class, and Aziz Agakhan and Nazrin Rzayeva, students of the 6a class, held an interesting discussion accompanied by a slideshow.  Guests of the "Book Club" including Arif Ibragimov, Executive Director of the Education Committee, and Ulviyye Aghayeva, instructor of  Khazar University, also participated in the discussion. Performances staged from the life of M. A. Rasulzade and film clips dedicated to him were presented by students of class 6a.

Both events were marked with interesting moments.