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21 January 2014

61st Meeting of "Assembly of Science and Art"

On January 21,  the 61st meeting of the "Assembly of Science and Art" was held at Khazar University. Before the opening of the meeting, the university's founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees, Professor Hamlet Isaxanli, gave information about Doctor of Historical Sciences, honored scientist, and member of the Turkish Historical Society, Professor Suleyman Aliyarli, who passed away on January 17. He was remembered in a moment of silence. Then H. Isaxanli introduced the participants to world-famous archaeologists of Turkey, Professors Mehmet Özdoğan and Zeyneb Eresi. M.Özdoğan made a presentation about excavations of the Neolithic period, and Zeyneb Eresi made a presentation about protection of archaeological excavations.

 A discussion was held about the reports. Najaf Museyibli, Maisa Rahimova, Ceyhun Eminli, Farhad Guliyev,  Ilyas Babaev (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences), Firuza Muradova (Historical and Ethnographic Museum), Faig  Alekberov (Institute of Philosophy of ANAS), Roza Arazova (Khazar University),  Solmaz Tohidi (Institute of Eastern Studies of ANAS), linguist Firudin Calilov, and others took part in the discussion. At the end of the event, H. Isaxanli expressed his gratitude to the Turkish scholars and visitors for the interesting presentations and discussions. On behalf of the participants of the  "Assembly of Science and Art," flowers were presented to Zeyneb Eresi and photos were taken.