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03 October 2014

Seminar on Feast of Sacrifice

On October 3, as jointly organized by the Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies Department and the Department of Philosophy at Khazar University,  a seminar was held on the Feast of Sacrifice. Head of the Department of Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies, Dr. Elnura Azizova, spoke  on the "The concept of a holiday in Islamic culture and social aspects of holidays." She also spoke about the social significance of holidays in Islam as a unifying element.

Professor Mehmet Azimli, Head of the Department of Islamic History and Arts at the School of Theology of Hittite University, made a presentation on "The concept of sacrifice in Islam" and gave information about the role of sacrifice in the belief system of Islam, the public understanding of sacrifice, and its characteristics as a type of worship.

Dr. Mail Yagubov, Head of Khazar University’s Department of Philosophy, made a presentation on "The concept of sacrifice in Islam and Christian scholasticism." He explained that Abraham's story is about surrender from a philosophical point of view. In the end,  students’ questions related to the topic were answered and discussions were held.