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16 October 2014

Seminar on Academic and Cultural Relations Between Egypt and Azerbaijan Held at Khazar University

On October 16, as jointly organized by the Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies Department of Khazar University and the Egyptian Cultural Center, a seminar on "Egypt-Azerbaijan relations: from the perspective of language, literature and culture"  was held at the university. Dr. Elnura Azizova, Head of the Department, opened the event by speaking about the importance of the Arabic language on global and local levels.

Ahmad Sami, Director of the Egyptian Cultural Center, spoke about academic and cultural relations between Azerbaijan and Egypt. Professor Tariq Chalabi, Head of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature of  Ain Shams University in Egypt, expressed his opinion about Azerbaijan-Egypt literary and linguistic relations, and Dr. Islam Sharkavi, Head of the Arabic Language Department of the same university, shared ideas about new methods for non-Arabs to learn Arabic.

After the lectures, discussions were held on subject with the participation of Dr. Tarana Akbarova and Kamil Sherifov, Arabic language instructors of Khazar University. A question and answer session was held with students who are learning Arabic.