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18 March 2014

Cultural Event on “Last Tuesday Traditions in Azerbaijan and Iran”

On March 18, as organized by the Department of Eastern Languages ??and Religious Studies, an event on “Last Tuesday traditions in Azerbaijan and Iran” was held. At the opening ceremony, Elnura Azizova,  Head of the Department, noted that  over the centuries Azerbaijan and Iran have hared a common heritage, part of which is celebrating Last Tuesday before the Novruz holiday. Then Zivar Huseynli, Persian language instructor, spoke about the importance of Last Tuesday in Azerbaijan and Iranian culture. Students majoring in Persian recited poems about Last Tuesday in Azerbaijani and Persian and gave information about Iranian traditions related to Last Tuesday.
The holiday mood of the participants was heightened by participating in one interesting tradition of Last Tuesday: girls’ fortune telling using water. At the end of the event, participants  joined in the game  "Hakhishta" and shared holiday joy around a colorful feast.