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01 May 2014

"Christianity: Belief and Worldview" Event

On May 1, as organized by the Khazar University Department of Eastern Languages and Religious Studies, an event in the "Experience of Living Together" series entitled "Christianity: belief and worldview" was held.

At the opening of the event, Dr. Elnura Azizova, head of the department, said that Azerbaijan is a region where Christians and members of other religions have lived together throughout history, and this important tradition continues here.

Then, students of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences made presentations about the establishment, dissemination, faith, worship and moral system of Christianity and its current state. Robert Mobili, Albanian-Udi community leader, presented a slide show about the history and current state of the Albanian-Udi Church, which is the oldest representative of Christianity. At the end of the event, students’ questions about Christianity and the Albanian-Udi church were answered.