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24 December 2013

Thank You Letter to Khazar

To the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Khazar University,  Professor Hamlet Isaxanli

Dear Mr. Isaxanli,

On December 18, at the invitation of the Economic Policy and Development Center affiliated with Khazar University, the "Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway" (TASIM) project was presented by the "TASIM" Project Secretariat and information was given to the Minister of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan, Ali Abbasov, about this. 

We express our gratitude to Ingilab Ahmedov,  Dean of the School of Economics and Management of Khazar University, and Fikret Pashayev, director of the Economic Policy and Development Center affiliated with Khazar University, for organizing the event.

Head of Management Group

"Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway" Project 

Z.  Hasanov
December 20, 2013