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31 October 2013

Employee of Kings College of London at Khazar

On October 31, Noomi Weinberg, Coordinator for International Relations of Kings College of London, met with university students with the participation of Khazar Training Center and the Azerbaijani representation of the British Education Bureau. Before the event, Khazar University’s founder and chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees, Professor Hamlet Isaxanli, met with N. Weinberg.

The director of Khazar Training Center, Emin Rustamov, opened the event which was held in the Marble Hall. He introduced N. Weinberg to the students, giving the guest detailed information about Khazar University and the opportunities created for students.

N. Weinberg gave information about the British education system and the college she represented. She also spoke about her impressions of Baku and Khazar University. At the end of the event, issues raised by students were explained.