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11 September 2013

European Students and Scholars Visit Khazar

Within the framework of the Erasmus Mundus exchange program, Khazar University is hosting 6 students, researchers and teachers in the fall semester of 2013. The students have come from various universities of the European Union within three Erasmus Mundus programs.

Within the framework of the WEBB Erasmus Mundus Program, Fabienne Bossuyt, Ewa Kowara, Natalia Konarzewska and Delphine Volcke were sent to Khazar University.

Fabienne Bossuyt, instructor of the Department of Political Science of Ghent University, Belgium, is visiting Khazar for a month to pursue her research on “Eastern and Central European dimension of the European Union’s (EU) engagement with Azerbaijan” at Khazar University.

A master student majoring in European Studies at the same university, Delphine Volcke, will study at Khazar University for two semesters.

Ewa Kowara, undergraduate student at the University of Warsaw, Poland, will pursue her education in Political Science at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences throughout this semester. Natalia Konarzewska, a PhD student of the same university, will work on her degree in International Relations at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences for the next 10 months at Khazar University.

Within the framework of the EUROEAST Erasmus Mundus program, Andrea Ferri Calatayud, a master student majoring in International Relations at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, is visiting Khazar University for a period of 10 months.

Within the framework of the Electra Erasmus Mundus program, Carolina Blanes, a PhD student  from the same university, will come Khazar University on November 10 to perform research on her topic “knowledge management as basic competition in the integration and system implantation of quality management in productive units and schools that offer initial qualifications programs” in the field of management.