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15 May 2013

Meeting with Young Female Writers at Khazar University

On May 15, a student meeting was held at Khazar University’s Downtown Campus with talented young women writers. The guests included Presidential scholar and winner of the "Golden words" award in the prose category, Parvin; and poet and Presidential scholar, Feyziyye. Along with Khazar University students, Baku State University and Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University undergraduate and graduate students also participated in the meeting. Secretary for Youth Affairs of the Union of Writers, chief editor of  "525" Newspaper, Rashad Majid, and literary critic Rustam Kamal were also guests at the event.

 Organizer of the event, Doctor of Philology, Professor Badirkhan Ahmedov, opened the meeting by giving information about Parvin’s book entitled It Will Snow and Feyziyye’s book entitled Message. Then Rashad Majid made a presentation and spoke about the literary merits of these books, stressing that not only talent but also strenuous and incessant labor played a major role in the authors’ achievements. Rustam Kamal expressed his opinion about the works being discussed and shared interesting ideas about male and female writers in comparative form.

During the meeting, students asked the authors many interesting questions and received meaningful responses. Students asked the young authors to read passages from their works. Feyziyye read a poem entitled "Everything should end on time, on time," and Parvin read her essay entitled  "Janan loves you," written about Aliaga Vahid’s ghazal.

At the end of the event, Professor Ahmedov expressed his gratitude to the authors and guests for carrying out such a high-level student event.