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08 May 2013

Head of Department of Azerbaijani Language and Literature at Turkology Meeting

On May 6 to 8, as organized by Caucasian Universities Association (of which one of the founders is Khazar University) a meeting of heads of Turkology departments was held at Osmanqazi University in the Askishahar province of Turkey. The head of the Department of Azerbaijani Language and Literature of Khazar University, Doctor of Philosophy Vurghun Ayyub, participated in the meeting.

Interesting discussions were held during two breakout sessions entitled "Dede Korkut" and "Yunus Emre." During these sessions, Turkologists and philologists from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, the Ukraine and other countries gave reports on the status, successes, problems and future challenges of Turkology in their countries.  At the meetings, information was also given about prospects, implementation, and planned projects of the Mevlana Exchange Program which is implemented by Caucasian Universities Association. Consensus was reached that the discussion topic of future meetings of Caucasian Universities Association will be specific problems of Turkology. This meeting, which was held with substantial support of Askishahar governing bodies, especially the Askishahar Governor, Kadir Koçdəmir, was met with interest by students and by media representatives.