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29 November 2013

Event on "Azerbaijan Translation of Shahnameh"

On November 29, a seminar on “Azerbaijan Translation of Abulgasim Ferdovsi’s Shahnameh Work" was held at Khazar University. This seminar is part of the series of "Pearls of Eastern Literature" which is jointly organized by the Department of Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies and the Center for Iranian Studies. The event was opened by the head of the department, Elnura Azizova, and gave information about lecturers and the importance of the"Shahnameh" to the world's literary heritage. Doctor of Philosophy Rustam Lazimov talked about stages in the development of Persian literature  and the role of "Shahnameh" in the history of Persian literature. Doctor of Philosophy Nushaba Alizadeh gave interesting information about  the translation process of "Shahnameh" into Azerbaijani and the full publication of the work. At the end of the event, students’ and university employees’ questions about the content, value, influence, and translation of the "Shahnameh" were answered.