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19 December 2013

Routine meeting of the “Belief Rainbow” series of Programs on Tolerance

On December 19, as organized by the Department of Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies, a program entitled "Moral values of the Far East: Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism" was held. This program was a part of the “Belief Rainbow” series of programs on tolerance. Opening the program, Head of the Department, Elnura Azizova,noted that this is the last program in the series of programs on tolerance for the first semester of the 2013-2014 academic year. She noted that the main purpose of the event is to inform students about the moral values ​​of the Far East, which has great importance in world religions. 

Then, with a presentation by students, comprehensive information was given about three ancient religious and spiritual traditions of the East. Within the program, information about the emergence of the history of the formation process, the basic beliefs and worship, temples, special days and community structure of Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism was given, very interesting video films related to the topic were presented, and students' questions were answered.