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06 December 2013

Iranian Cuisine Day

On December 6th, with the joint organization of the Department of Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies and the Center for Iranian Studies, “Iranian Cuisine Day” was  held at Khazar University. This event is part of the "Eastern hospitality" series of cultural events. The event was opened by head of Department Elnura Azizova, whonoted that there is a long history of teaching Persian language and literature and research in this field at the university, and as a result of this, students participate in various competitions and programs and have had major achievements. The department has also organized events in various areas related to Iranian culture.

Khazar University’s founder and chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees, Professor Hamlet Isaxanli, noted that the cultures of the Azerbaijani and Iranian peoples have a large number of common values in various fields, including culinary culture, and there is great importance in the investigation and study of various aspects of Iranian culture for students who are learning the Persian language .

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Azerbaijan, Pak Ayin, noted that this event is not only promoting the ancient culture of Iranian cuisine, but that it will alsoplay an important role in the development of cultural and friendly relations between the Azerbaijani and Iranian peoples and states.

Different types of traditional Iranian dishes were presented to the staff and students of the university, as well as guests.