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13 December 2013

Event Entitled "Fine Arts and Azerbaijani Masters in Islamic Culture" was Held

On December 13, 2013, as organized by the Department of Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies of Khazar University, a cultural event entitled "Fine Arts and Azerbaijan masters in Islamic Culture" was held. Head of the Department, Elnura Azizova, opened the event and noted that subjects which are taught on the history of Islamic culture and thought at Khazar University have created great interest among students, and this event was organized in order to nurture this interest. Then the students made many interesting and colorful presentations related to artistic spheres such as illumination, line, miniatures, and marbling in Islamic art, their historical development, and their different types.
The second part of the event was a show dedicated to the works of the masters in different fields of Islamic art. In this section, interesting compositions were displayed, such as the famous calligrapher Gulkhan Beydemi’s works combining classic handwriting styles with modern calligraphy, and interesting art works of Vusal Garagashly and Zaur Orucov, who learned the arts of illumination and marbling at Turkey's Mimar Sinan University. 
The development of marbling which was shown by Ebru masters was very interesting for students. At the end of the event, photos were taken of the university staff, students and guest artists.