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16 December 2013

Dialogue on the Abrahamic Religions

On December 16, with the organization of the Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies Department, a cultural event entitled "Dialogue on Abrahamic Religions" was held.This event was a part of the “Belief Rainbow” series of cultural events. Official representatives of the Jewish and Christian communities registered in Azerbaijan, university employees and students participated in the event.

Head of the Department, Elnura Azizova, opened the event and noted that the value of tolerance is growing in importance every day in our global world. In connection to this, it is vitally important for the young generation to gain experience in recognizing and understanding differences as well as living together with them. She noted that Azerbaijan has a long history of religious diversity including Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and these religions have been existing together for centuries. Currently, important work is also being successfully carried out in both the state and the civilian arenas here.

Then the students made many interesting presentations on the stages of religious formation and propagation, faith, worship and traditions, community structure, auspicious days and temples of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Representative of the Baku Religious Community of European Jews, Rabbi Sneor Sigal,  reported on the history and current status of the Jewish community in Azerbaijan. He said that Azerbaijan is a unique place, demonstrating the practice of religious tolerance which some countries in the East as well as in the West have not been able to do. Rabbi Sneor Sigal said that the main reason for this is that Azerbaijani people remain faithful to the principles of hospitality and humanity, regardless of their historical experience.

The press secretary of the Baku and Azerbaijan  Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, priest Konstantin Pominov, noted that this event held at Khazar University assumed great importance for strengthening trends of tolerance among youth. He noted that in order to avoid unpleasant religious intolerance and violence, the leaders of the religious community in the country have always showed sensitivity and attempted to solve problems.

Assistant Vice President of the community Mountain Jews in Baku, Rafiq Mikhayilov, stated that a large concentration of Jews have lived in the Red settlement of Guba district for over two centuries, continuing to maintain their attitude of peace and brotherhood to a high degree with the local Muslim people, and there are very few examples of this in the world. After the guests’ reports related to the importance of religious tolerance and its state in Azerbaijan, photos were taken.