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11 April 2012

Khazar Students Win "Student Spring" Contest

The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan Republic holds the "Student Spring" competition among universities every year. As in previous years, this year Khazar University participated with a 52-piece choir and staff, a girls’ dance group, and a vocalist. Khazar placed in all three categories. The choir (instructor Mehseti Jabbarova) was awarded a special certificate for its highly professional performance of a medley consisting of Azerbaijani folk songs. The girls’ dance ensemble’s performance of "Egyptian dance" was highly evaluated by a jury. Member of the jury, well-known dancer of Azerbaijan Etibar Mammadov, noted that the structure of the dance was professional and expressed his gratitude to the head of group, Ms. Sabina Minasazova.

Second-year student of the School of Economics and Management Anna Malikova performed
Tofig Guliyev's number "Dreams" in the vocal category. Sitting on the jury, well-known pianist and jazz artist Cavan Zeynalli and People's Artist of the Azerbaijan Republic Natavan Sheykhova specially noted Anna’s performance, the  teachers’ efforts, and also pianist and artistic director Zulfiyya Sadigova’s professional performance. 

PDF - Khazar Students Win "Student Spring" Contest