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21 December 2011

Meeting at School No. 279

A meeting was held at School No. 279 of the Surakhani district with the founder of Khazar University and chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees, professor Hamlet Isakhanli, and the university administration. The meeting began with the film "Our Hamlet" dedicated to H. Isakhanli. School teachers, pupils and parents in the audience watched the film attentively. Students of the school Maleyka Gasimova, Aydan Mukhtarli, Nigar Rahimova and Sevinj Haziyeva recited various passages from Dr. Isaxanli’s poems. The director of the school Oktay Samadov introduced the guests from the university to the audience and gave detailed information about Khazar University. Then the floor was passed to Dr. Isaxanli, who spoke about the university and about current education. Later, Dr. Isaxanli answered numerous detailed questions addressed to him. Making a presentation, the president of Khazar University, John Ryder, answered detailed questions. Also participating in the meeting were the university’s Vice President for International Affairs Farda Asadov, Director of Public Relations and Media Alovsat Amirbeyli, Dean of the School of Education Elza Samadova, and Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and head of the Division for Graduate Studies and Research Eldar Sahgaldiyev. Finally, photos were taken. PDF - Meeting at School No. 279