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20 December 2011

“TV/Radio Hosting” Training Held

A training session on “TV/Radio Hosting” was held at the university, jointly coordinated by the Khazar University Journalism Department and Azerbaijan Study Academy (ASA). Opening the training, Dr. Vafali Ansarov, instructor of the university’s Department of Journalism and media researcher, spoke briefly about the current state of TV and radio hosting. Then well-known TV anchorwoman Nargiz Jalilova spoke about the finer points of her profession and emphasized that this job is not the place for accents and dialects. Ilhama Novruzova, journalist and one of the founders of ASA, told the secrets of radio announcing, mentioning the significance of being informed, one’s intellectual level, intelligence, and speaking style.

During the more than two-hour long session, students actively participated in discussions about other issues including various problems that arise in TV and radio broadcasting.

PDF - “TV/Radio Hosting” Training Held