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21 May 2010

University of Maryland students at Khazar University

Khazar University established “Summer School on Environmental Studies” in cooperation with the University of Maryland (USA) in 2009. The program was planned for summer 2010. It was organized for a period of two weeks, from May 22-June 3, 2010.  The program participants included 6 students from the University of Maryland and an instructor, Prof. Richard A. Weismiller, Associate Director of the University of Maryland International Programs in Agriculture and Natural Resources.

The lectures that were delivered by Kamala Efendiyeva and Prof. Ziyafeddin Asadov covered environmental issues. Moreover, Khazar University organized trips to different places, such as Bibi Heybat Oil Field and Balakhani Landfill, supervised by Dr. Rovshan Abbasov.

The students took a walking trip to museums and a day tour to Gabala on May 29.

At the end of the program, Khazar University held a farewell banquet in honor of the Maryland students on June 2. President Prof. Hamlet Isaxanli, Vice President Mahammad Nouriyev, Vice President Rafig Ahmadov, Assistant to the President Isaxan Isaxanli, Director of the Center for International Students and Scholars Aytan Shadlinskaya, deans and heads of departments, faculty members and others participated in the banquet. The Maryland students emphasized that the program was a very interesting experience for them, both in academic and cultural fields.

PDF - University of Maryland students at Khazar University