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28 September 2010

Leadership of Qavqaz University at Khazar University

The newly appointed president of Khazar University, John Ryder, met with the president of Qafqaz University, Professor Ahmet Sanich; the vice president of education, Professor Jihan Bulut; the vice president for business relations, Dr. Tayyar Mustafayev;  the vice president for public relations, Dr. Mammadli Balashli; and the vice president for foreign relations, Murad Erguvan. Giving detailed information about Qafqaz University, Ahmet Sanich introduced his colleagues participating in the meeting to John Ryder. John Ryder thanked the guests for coming. Participants emphasized the importance of developing mutual cooperation between the two universities. Also participating in the meeting were Khazr University’s senior vice president, Professor Mahammad Nuriyev, the assistant to the president Dr. Isaxan Isaxanli, and the coordinator of public and business relations, Alovsat Amirbeyli. Finally, a banquet was given in honor of the guests. At the banquet, the Khazar University founder and chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees, Professor Hamlet Isaxanli, welcomed the guests.